Inner tube extrusion line, Butyl rubber tube extrusion, innertube valve fitting machine

High quality tire inner tube extrusion process equipment

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tire inner tube extrusion line
inner tube extrusion machine / tire tube machine
Butyl tube extrusion machine
innertube dust collector /  dust collection machine
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valve plunger fitting machine / tube valve core locker
tire valve core fitting machine
inner tube valve nut fitting / tyre tube nut fitting
Operating of nut fitting
tube valve core fitting / innertube plunger fitting machine
Operating of valve core fitting

Inner tube extrusion / extruding process equipment manufacturer

tire inner tube machine / tyre tube equipment

Great chance had over 24 years experience in tire inner tube extrusion machine manufacture / tire equipments supply service and bias tire process equipment
We supply kinds of machine for rubber tube manufacture extrusion line like as :
Extrusion process line, tyre / tire valves auto fitting machine, curing press, hydraulic curing press, mechanical curing press, cheap vulcanization process equipments.

The manufacture process of material: natural rubber innertube, butyl innertube, indutrial hose pipe etc. : the size was / bicycle (iron hose ), bike, motorcycle, autobike, light truck, barrow etc.

inner tube extrusion process accessory

  • Extrusion: the extruder with fine filter extrude the butyl rubber or natural rubber as a pipe shape
  • Cooling process : with circulation water cooling system
  • Water blow-off: with blower blow-off water on the outer face of hose
  • Cutting device: with electrical hot knife cutting device
  • Punching device: hot punch device, it's punch a bore at the face of rubber pipe
  • The valve fitting device: for straight and bent type valve
  • Take up equipment: with take up conveyor, take off the pipe from extrusion line
  • Booking trolley to carrige the rubber pipe for curing

inner tube extrusion process attachment machine

  • Straight valve core auto fitting machine
  • Bend valve core fitting machine
  • Valve nut auto fitting machine
  • Color line device
  • Size marking device
  • Booking trolley
tire mark


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The noun of inner tube extrusion and valves Accessories

tire inner tube  /  valve stem / Rim Nuts /  nut / Hexagonal Nuts /  Grommets  /  core /  Caps / Semi American Type Rubber Base Bicycle tube valve / Natural rubber tube  / Core housing / Core Chamber / Clamp in-Type Bicycle inner tube valve / Caps Plungers / Caps Key type / Caps Hex type Short / Caps Hex type Long / Caps Dome type / Butyl rubber /  iron hose / chairwheel